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Make plans to join us September 15th-16th for the Vision & Leaders Empowerment Weekend, bringing together leaders and aspiring leaders, including those who don’t yet realize the value of their influence. This two-day experience features a diverse insight into Vision, Leadership, and Empowerment. The Vision & Leaders Empowerment Weekend is an annual gathering bringing leaders worldwide together to inspire leaders within the community, church, or professional sectors toward change. The Weekend provides a chance to sharpen our skills and recalibrate ourselves spiritually. 
Vision & Leaders Empowerment workshops include:

 Apotole Lincoln Dent:  The Gathering of Leaders Night of Impartation 

Pastor Brian Callies: Human Trafficking:  What Every Christain Should Know.

Nadia Givens: Narcissistic Abuse in Leadership 

Apostle Ken Tonyey: Recognizing and Resisting the Spirit of Korah

Vision & Leaders Empowerment Weekend

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