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Doing Life Together 

Holding Hands

The goal of marriage workshops is to help couples grow spiritually & become one flesh. During the workshops tips & tools are shared to assist in the development of a healthy, happy union. 

  • Love Languages

  • Roles & Expectation

  • Effective Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Blended Families

Leadership Development

Flyer - Leadership.JPG

Leadership training workshops are open to individuals that are willing to become his/her best for Jesus Christ.  Darryl and Lenora believe that God designed the local church to equip and train Christians and give them opportunities to put their training into action.  Individuals that attend the leadership training workshops are able to utilize principals within their workplace, home, and their community.  Some workshops include:

  • Professional Development

  • Time Management

  • Servanthood

  • Team-Building/Diversity

  • Vision Implementation

Financial Empowerment 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Financial empowerment workshops are designed to help individuals  identify and respond to financial stressors.   Our goal is to stimulate a sense of confidence and increase knowledge so that individuals can live better and stress-free lives.  Darryl and Lenora are committed in equipping adults with the financial tools they need to become financially  successful.  Some workshops include:

  • Take Control of Your Debt

  • Deal with Debt Collectors

  • Improve Your Credit

  • Wealth Building

  • Family Financial Planning

  • Life investments

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