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About Darryl O. Griffin

Dr. Darryl O Griffin 

In 1984, he heard the Lord speak to him in an audible voice, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.  From that moment until now, the burden of lost souls has been Dr. Darryl O. Griffin’s purpose and responsibility of spreading the gospel message far and near.

Dr. Darryl is a born polymath, founder of Darryl O. Griffin Ministries, and senior pastor of Believer’s Choice Life Church, in Memphis TN. He holds a Masters of Christian Counseling (Family Counseling & Leadership emphasis) from Midwest Seminary of Bible Theology and a Doctor of Divinity from St. Thomas University, Jacksonville, FL. He is historically the first African American staff pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church and serves in the Pastoral Care/Benevolence Department. 

Dr. Darryl is known as a relevant expositor of God's word in evangelical circles and communicating complex theological truths through simplistic yet profound, revelation. He is considered a pastor to pastors.

He has authored two books, “Faith Developed in the Darkroom” and “Darkroom Faith Workouts” a 30-day devotional, and "The Pecking order In Relationships. He is committed to sharing God’s Word through practical messages that empower individuals to fulfill their destiny.

Dr. Darryl has been married to Lenora Griffin for over 33 years. They are the proud parents of Davien Jaree who walks alongside them in ministry.

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